Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tool # 9

1         The whole point of using the technology in the classroom is to apply learning in a different way. There are media literacy TEKS,  and using the technology that we are getting will meet those TEKS. Yes, I wish I could let them do what they wanted to do with the technology, but the fact is that this technology was purchased for a reason. I do think these technology pieces will enable us to have more options for them to show what they know.

     Learning Games for Kids has a few activities that can be used as enrichment for the students.  I read in another blog, that the students can copy the screen, paste on a word file, and reflect on their activity. TESiboard looks cute, but I think it is mainly for elementary school. 

     One app that I found is called Verses Poetry. It is like Magnetic Poetry, but it is on the iPad. The app gives you a collection of words. You can organize them in whichever way you want. I can use this during my poetry unit or anytime when I want them to practice writing poetry. There can be a group of 3-4 students working on writing a poem. They can also take turns and write their own. They can also look at the word lists and write them on paper and create a poem with the same words.  To keep students accountable for their work, students can write the poems on the app. Also, they will need to copy the poem on paper or post it on a blog etc.

     Another app,  Educreations, allows you to record/design lessons. You can draw pictures to help and record your voice as you teach the lesson. There are actually many math lessons on this app. However, I did find a few language arts apps. This center could be the lesson making center. It can also be a way to show what the students know by students creating a lesson for others. Of course, you want to make sure that you check the lessons before you decide to keep them on Educreations.  To keep them accountable for this they would have to show me or save it somehow and sign their name on it. It must be correct to get all points necessary for an A. There are also some apps that are about spelling and vocabulary.

     I know one way they can use the iPad is to record their thoughts instead of writing them. There is a program called Dragon Dictation they can use.  They can also use it to read books. There are a few websites that contain free classics…fairytales, etc. 

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  1. I will have to check out Educreations for the math. Thanks for the tip.