Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool #3 : Finding online video and images resources

Wow, I learned something new!


So, I just now learned that students shouldn't be putting on their projects "Images from Google."  The students have to be specific about where they get their pictures.


"We should not accept student media projects which include similar, non-specific attribution statements like “Images from Google” or “Images from Flickr.” ... Utilize free, online resources to streamline the attribution process." - from Playing with Media

Video #1

On Schooltube, I found this video about Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases. It's a little long, but I think this can be used as something to assist in instruction, as a supplement, or for independent learning.

Prepositional Phrases

Video #2

On Schooltube, I found several videos that students made and uploaded. This particular one is one of many PSAs that students put together. This PSA is short, to the point, and edited well (in my opinion). I tried to use the embed code. I also included a link. Let's hope it works. I could use some of these as models for what I may expect for student video projects.

Water to Africa PSA - Student Made


I just recently signed up for a Dropbox. I find it useful. In many way's it's like Googledocs. It enables you to open up files on any computer wherever you are. In the classroom, I could somehow have students put their work in my Dropbox somehow.

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  1. Interesting Information. I agree with you on googledocs.