Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tool #5 Part II : Storybird

     I tried to make a book using Storybird. Here is it.It took awhile. I used the pictures to guide my story, but I also wrote my story using Word and then transfered it onto the Storybird. I didn't use all the pictures that were available. Only the pictures that I needed. There are so many different artwork choices. In the past I've tried TikaTok, but I wasn't very happy with it.

     In story bird you have the ability to print the picturebooks too. I think it costs 1.99 to print. I guess you could have your students bring $2 to help with costs of printing if they want their book printed to keep if they want that.  I enjoyed it.

    In the classroom, students can use this to publish their short stories, poems, memoirs, etc.

Zanthia's Adventures by Chioa on Storybird

Zanthia's Adventures on Storybird


  1. I love the Storybird you made. I am going to make one with my daughter and put it up.

  2. I enjoyed your story about Zanthia's Adventures.
    I would like to create one and maybe my students can create their word problem story book in math. It will be great to create with my son. It could be our afternoon activity. He loves cartooning.