Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tool #6 Wallwisher and Today's Meet


On Wallwisher, you could have groups of students have a laptop with Wallwisher up. Then as they discuss a question about a reading or something they learned they could put their replies on Wallwisher as a group or on their own by taking turns. You can tell them that they need to write name, initials, period number to identify them. I do not think you can embed Wallwisher walls so here it the URL...  So, I figured out how to embed the HTML code. If you look at the less than and greater than signs by the RSS feed icon on the top right... the greater than sign will give you the embed code. I have provided the URL anyway

Wallwisher: What is the author's message?

Today's Meet: 

Students can use Today's Meet similar to Wallwisher. They can reply to a question etc. I set mine to stay up for a year, but you can easily set it up for a week and students will have a week to reply to the starter question or add to the discussion.  

Today' Meet: Chio 6th Grade Language Arts

Kids like to use things other than paper to respond to questions. Also, this allows students to see what everyone else is saying or thinking. 

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