Friday, June 8, 2012

Tool # 5 Part I : Web 2.0 Tools

So, I used Wordle mainly for fun. I inserted the words for one of Shakespeare's poems. I also put in two extra "Shakespeare" so that his name is the largest one. I could have students do this with their papers, or research topics, or their own poetry. In the past, I was also told that I could use this to see what words repeat more in their papers. If they have the word "she" appear as the largest word, they may need to go back and change the pronouns to nouns.

Wordle: Using Shakespeare's Fairyland I (You can use a more fun poem for students. :-) )

Shakespeare's Fairyland I

I had to redo my Wordle. I did something different. I had to take a screenshot, paste on Powerpoint, save as a JPG, then insert into this blog.

Tool #5 Part II coming soon....

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