Monday, June 4, 2012

Tool #2

So, I attempted to get onto GoogleReader. It was overwhelming at first. I wasn't sure what I was doing. I searched mainly for anything related to literature. I took me about 30 minutes to find  interesting sites and blogs. That was the tough part. Once I found something, I just subscribed. I subscribed to five different blogs and web feeds. I admit, reading the contents of the blogs on the GoogleReader is not as interesting as going directly to the blog, but I do see the benefits of it. It's all in one place. You can read over them quickly. New posts from all the websites/blogs are all in one place. Then, if you feel like it you can click and go to directly to the site.

One blog I visited was from the list provided.This is also a blog that I know I've run into in the past.  He discusses the use of technology in his classroom. From what I noticed, he does reply to comments sent to his blog.

One blog I found through GoogleReader is Gottabook. You can go to it directly by clicking: . Not many people are following this blog on GoogleReader, but if you go directly onto the blog it's easier to focus and read. Plus it looks prettier than on GoogleReader. The benefit of this website is that the writer, Gregory K., uses his blog to post poems he's written, provides links to authors, and shares literature he likes. According to his bio, he's a screenwriter (you will find him on IMBD as Gregory K. Pincus), writer, father, and volunteer librarian.

Another blog that I recently found was, This blog has suggestions on different aspects of teaching and management of the classroom. 

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